Video Montage: A Retrospect Of British Cinema (Rhys)

If you have ever marvelled at an epic masterpiece on the silver-screen, there is quite a reasonable chance that it was made by the grand lady of American cinema, Hollywood. For those who reside in the USA, however – it might surprise you to hear that, “As we enter the twenty-first century, the study of the previous century’s distinctive art-form – the cinema – seems to have come of age… there is an almost palpable sense of intellectual excitement in the air – and at its heart lies the systematic and creative process of rethinking British cinema.¹ (emphasis mine).

Yes, you read that correctly. British cinema. It has played an important role in global cinema over the years. So I was super excited to find that the aspiring writer-director Calum Rhys – who hails from England himself – had taken it open himself to montage some of the great elements of British cinematic history. Indeed, he writes that, “I set out months ago to create a short montage featuring the best of British cinema, however over time that montage transformed into a six minute film.” And what a job he has done (the list of films included is here)! You will love this, I am sure.

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