Waiting 2B Scene was established by Shane Miller in late 2011 as a Sydney-based media blog. Since then, he has travelled and worked with online media teams in Rwanda and the UK, all while continuing to share posts he personally finds interesting and informative: the kind of thing that can help the ‘average’ joe improve his own media skills.

Now with 20-years of experience in media (camera operation, directing, editing, production, and post-production [most recently including motion graphic design, titling, and even some subtitling]), Shane has developed a birds-eye view of the production work-flow that many miss out on. As a media “shreditor” – you will find him uniquely positioned to encourage and collaborate with you, answering your media questions, believing that the story you have to tell is worth being seen.

Shane continues to update the site personally: so drop back to view more of our material as it becomes available – and drop us a line if you would like to offer some content suggestions on about how we may meet your needs (feel free to contact us today).


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