Welcome to our Video Package page for Business.

At Waiting 2B Scene, we’re absolute perfectionists, and we prefer to get your video right the first time, making something that you can get plenty of leverage from . We’ll spend a lot of time in the edit suite to make sure we get the best result for you, and our pricing is completely transparent so you can see where your budget is going. [Want to straight to the packages? Click HERE]

Whether you are based in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, the Central Coast, the Hunter, the Southern Highlands, or the Illawarra: wherever business is for you, allow Waiting 2B Scene to help you take the guesswork out of keeping your customers, clients, staff and stakeholders happy with our array of Business Video Packages.

So, how much will it cost?

Unfortunately, simple questions often have complex answers. So let me break down what the usual costs of video production are so you can have a good idea of how to budget.

Costs can range from $20 an hour for a fresh university graduate, to $250 an hour for a top tier video producer. On average, most video production companies come in at around the $75-$200 an hour mark, and that will be for shooting, editing and directing. They will have experience under their belt and will deliver a professional result.

Editing and Graphics
Editing is an integral part of the production process. A professional editor will create mood, feeling and substance. If you require a video to move your audience, an experienced editor will cost $60-$200 an hour. Simple graphics are usually included in this price, but if you require complex 3D graphics work or animation, the costs can be $100-$300 an hour.

In some instances, you need a recognisable face for your brand. You can look at using a company team-member to present in front of the camera, or perhaps a colleagues or friend. These options can help keep costs down. If you need a professional actor/presenter however, you can expect anything from $50 – $500 an hour, depending on demand and union fees. And hey, if you want Russell Crowe, it will probably cost you a cheeky couple of million.

While camera quality is important, it’s only as good as the operator. You could put a $60,000 ARRI in the hands of a university graduate and get a sub-par final product.

Cameras range from $2500 DLSR cameras, $10,000 fully featured 4K cameras, $25,000 RED cameras and above. Some production companies will have their own kit: others will hire in what is needed. To decide on camera quality, think about how you will deliver the video to your audience. You don’t need an extremely high end camera if you want to present your video on YouTube or on your website.

Speaking of hiring kit, the cost of equipment can vary enormously. Will you need a crane? A Dolly? A Steady cam? 2 lights or 15 lights? A production company will give you a good idea of what you’ll need during initial conversations with them, based on your ideas for the project. Equipment can run anywhere from $25 – $100 an hour.


There is much more to consider: but the simple answer to this complex question is that you will get what you pay for. We encourage you to shop around and find a good balance between cost and quality. At Waiting 2B Scene, we have developed a series of business packages that we  think sit in that sweet spot of cost and quality.


All of the latest package information is below: at a glance, you will find package names and pricing. Click on the link next to each package to get the PDF with more information.

Business Profile Package: $650 (1-min) | $900 (2-min).  More information.

Live Event and Highlight Video Package: $1,020.00. More information.

Testimonials Packages: $650 (Subscription Available). More information.

12 for Twelve Campaign Package: $9,024. More information.