Videographers need an online portfolio so you can demonstrate what is possible.

For many, a show reel ends up being a video mashup like a movie trailers. The challenge is that this kind of sizzle reel doesn’t really give a true representation.

Now, I am a freelance operator who can can get stuff done for you. For years I have shot, edited, and produced. Different styles. Different camera equipment. Always using Adobe CC (PC and Mac). For this reason I am pleased to present the following  portfolio, using whole pieces of my work rather than a sizzle reel.


Assisting LifeSource Christian Church, I was both the director of photography and editor of a music video cover they required for their 2020 Christmas production. Partnering with the Creative department of the church, I was also involved in pre-production planning (lighting, stage design, and shot blocking).

Assisting producer Richard Attieh and Australian Television and Media Group as camera operator.
Throughout from 2019 I worked on a series of corporate shoots with Mick Mooney’s Micro Macro Agency. This was from a shoot with Success Resources Australia CEO Michael Lane. piece with Mick, and a piece with Vocus CEO, Andrew Wildblood.
Freelancing with Micro Macro, in 2020 and 2021, we have created a series of content out of a corporate shoot with Vocus CEO, Andrew Wildblood.

Throughout 2019 and 2020 I have partnered with SportsCast Australia as a freelance camera operator for live streaming of sporting events for the National Premiere League, for AFL Sydney, and in this example – as court-side operator for the NBL Pre-Season game between the Sydney Kings and the Illawarra Hawks.

CAMERA OPERATOR: AFL SYDNEY, 2020 Men’s Premiere Division Finals Football.
4-game Grand Final shoot for SportsCast Australia and Ramsgate Junior Football Club.

2019 AFL Sydney Premier Division Finals Weekly Highlights – Prelims and Grand Finals W1 from Sportscast Australia on Vimeo.


This piece was commissioned by Fairfax Media through the 90 Seconds platform. There was a hiccough in production, and – long story short – we were brought in at the last minute. So we shot B-Roll footage, and did the whole edit of this 20-second promo for The Beautiful Dinner.

This piece is a promo piece for Mick Mooney. We were brought on to shoot and edit two videos for Mick: a shoot of a keynote address he made at the LinkedIn Australia offices for the Australian Institute of Training & Development, and this short promo for use in social channels.

This piece was commissioned by international banking software company Temenos through the 90 Seconds platform. Similarly to the shoot with Mick Mooney, we were brought on to shoot an executive lunch with keynote presenters Simon Lyons (Goldfields Money CEO), and Kam Chana (Temenos UK, Digital Strategist). We were also kept on to edit a highlight video from the event.

This social media promo piece was commissioned by Generation Fire. With a micro-budget, we sourced a basic After Effects template through VideoHive; sourced appropriate visuals and audio soundbites from the clients cache of material; then created the sound-bite in Audition, and edited footage, soundbite, and effects within the After Effects template to make it as suited to the clients needs as possible.

They were incredibly pleased with this final rendering.

This piece was commissioned by 90 Seconds through their own platform. There was a Creators Meetup in Sydney, and the night was to include two live edits. Paired with a single shooter, we had 45-minutes to edit and render a 40-60 highlight video of the evening. This was the result.


Full details for each piece are included in the video descriptions.