Top 10: Best Built in Effects in After Effects (SonDuckFilm)

Okay, I realise that these top tens are always incredibly subjective – and I understand that not everyone will agree with this particular list… in fact, I’m not even 100% convinced that I agree with it. Nevertheless, I love the concept.

I have been an Adobe aficionado for many, many years (since like, Adobe Premiere… yeah, you read that correctly. Not Adobe Premiere Pro. Just Adobe Premiere!). The years progressed, and I increased my capacity as a run and gun/guerrilla style videographer. That meant having to branch into the widening avenues available in the Adobe Creative Suite. This included upskilling into the world of motion graphics – the wheelhouse of After Effects.

I guess that is why this list is cool for me. After Effects has something of a special place in my heart: I’m reminded of the countless hours watching tutorials by guys like Video Co-Pilot … being amazed that I was able to make those motion graphics… as well as having a good ol’ laugh at myself for using Trapcode Shine WAY too much in those early works, hahaha.

Thus this is not only a top ten list of the free in-built effects we currently have access to – but it is also a nostalgic moment of self-reflection. I hope you enjoy! And please free free to like or comment below – let me know what you think!

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