Top 10: Best Built in Effects in After Effects (SonDuckFilm)

Okay, I realise that these top tens are always incredibly subjective – and I understand that not everyone will agree with this particular list… in fact, I’m not even 100% convinced that I agree with it. Nevertheless, I love the concept. I have been an Adobe aficionado for many, many years (since like, Adobe Premiere… yeah,… Read More

Top Ten: Best Character Reveals

It’s time to indulge in a guilty pleasure… a little top ten action! To be fair, this list has been very cleverly done and you will find it quite informative. So it is not nearly as guilty watching some of the stuff you can get over at WatchMojo. We have all seen them play out in… Read More

Interview: Kevin Spacey Does Impersonations (ITAS)

It seems like celebrities are doing impersonations all the time. Co-actors try to mimic each other, vocalists mimic other singers. Such is its popularity right now, that just last month the top-ten-list juggernaut WatchMojo even gave us a top ten list dedicated to this very phenomenon. [Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it yet]. At the top of… Read More

Comedy: One of Your Top Ten Comedy Moments?

Okay today I would love to hear from you: of all the comedy sequences you have ever seen in film (and/or television), what would be one of your favourites? I know it’s a touch call – but I’m sure you can work something out. Let’s say it is something that would make it into your… Read More

Top Ten: TED Talks on Storytelling and FilmMaking

Alright, you ought to know that I am not a big fan of TED talks. It’s not because they are bad talks per se, it’s just that when a multi-million dollar organisation has pretty much zero internet presence in an internet age (as is the case with the owners of TED – that is the Sapling Foundation),… Read More