Top Ten: Films About Nostalgia

Today I wanted to hit pause on my resource posts so that I could indulge in a staple of trashy tabloid journalism and YouTube videos – a Top Ten List!

This is a list I stumbled upon over at Hollywood.comBack in the Good Old Days — Films About Nostalgia. What a great idea for a top ten! Now if you click on the link, you’ll get the full breakdown – but for those who think it will be a case of TLDR, then fear not – I have the short version right here for you!

10. The World’s End.
9. Midnight In Paris.
8. Dazed and Confused.
7. Pleasantville.
6. Sunset Boulevard.
5. High Fidelity.
4. Citizen Kane.
3. The Sandlot.
2. The Artist.
1. Hugo.

So, what do you think – do you agree with their list? Is there a case for other nostalgic films to bust a move, or is it as unassailable as MC Hammer?

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