Top 10: Best Built in Effects in After Effects (SonDuckFilm)

Okay, I realise that these top tens are always incredibly subjective – and I understand that not everyone will agree with this particular list… in fact, I’m not even 100% convinced that I agree with it. Nevertheless, I love the concept. I have been an Adobe aficionado for many, many years (since like, Adobe Premiere… yeah,… Read More

WW: How to Use Adobe Audition CC to Clean Up Your Audio

Welcome to Whatsit Wednesday – a series that will resource you to do video better, offering hints and tips on how to improve your videocraft. One of the things I have found in video production is that if something has gone horribly wrong with the visuals – there will usually be some way of creatively getting… Read More

Blog: Best Free Editing Software

People, it’s time to share some free stuff! And by free stuff, I mean my opinion and a lifetime of collected information, as that is really all I have to offer. I was chatting with one of my Australian friends in New Zealand, and he asked me what I thought might make for decent FREE editing… Read More

Blog Video: Sherlock Recut As a Thriller Trailer

Throughout this year my workload has been focused primarily on editing and producing a series of women’s self-help modules. It is necessary work, and based on the stories that have come out of it – it is seeing some wonderful results. Still, it is hardly creative work. Well, yesterday I re-stumbled on a great little… Read More

Concept Video: CMYK x Greyscale x RGB (Guadalupe)

Today I want to share a clip that is neither a resource nor informative as such. Rather, as a fellow Adobe CC user, this post is sharing something that I simply found to be quite an interesting concept piece. This is the most recent work released by New York native Ernesto Guadalupe (a digital video junkie whose… Read More

How To: Blend Mode Colour Correction in Premiere Pro (Lynda)

Continuing my series of resource links, today I want to share a great little Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial by the ever resource-driven team at Lynda. If you make videos, then you ought to know that good videos have been treated in order to make the colour consistent. Just think – how many Hollywood blockbusters would… Read More

How To: A Comprehensive Cheat Sheet for Adobe

Continuing my series of resource links, today I want to share an excellent infographic. For those of us who are part of the Adobe Universe, you will know that short-cuts have a funny way of increasing productivity, right? If only there was a way to easily find and/or remember what some of the really important… Read More

Personal: A Snap Shot

In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, and the subsequent cognitive disruption many are experiencing in the Arabic-speaking North Africa and Middle Eastern (NAME) world as further atrocities are enacted in the name of the dominant religion in the region – it was personally encouraging as a Christian to find that there are organisations that… Read More