Mashup: Elba as Bond in SPECTRE (Vulture Remix)

James Bond is a cinematic icon. And the fact is that for over 50-years now Bond has always been a suave, sophisticated, whiter-than-white, chauvinist Brit that gets to sleep with beautiful women and play with a lot of cool toys.

Of course, this has not escaped the attention of, well, the world. Thus for the last few years, pop-culture thoughts of Bond as a black man – or perhaps even a woman! – have been increasingly entertained. I mean – they could do worse right? For example, what if they decided to release a film where Bond was to encounter an evil splinter group he had already polished off in Diamonds Are Forever back in 1971?

Well played writers and producers. 

Anyway – back to the true topic at hand. What would a Bond of colour look like? I’m glad you asked… and this Vulture Remix gladly answers!

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