Blog: Marvel Studios Is Kicking DC’s Collective Ass

Now, this is a rare occasion for me… blogging just for the sake of blogging. Still, I would feel like I need to go on the record with this. The reason I want to share about this today is because I just watched the new trailer for Captain America: Cival War. As was expected, it’s looking… Read More

Video Montage: A Retrospect Of British Cinema (Rhys)

If you have ever marvelled at an epic masterpiece on the silver-screen, there is quite a reasonable chance that it was made by the grand lady of American cinema, Hollywood. For those who reside in the USA, however – it might surprise you to hear that, “As we enter the twenty-first century, the study of the previous century’s… Read More

Video Montage: Cinema in Cinema (Paredes)

Continuing my series of resource links, today I want to share a fun little video montage by Spanish videographer Eusebio Poveda Paredes – namely his homage to cinema in cinema. Featuring an amazing 139 clips from 93 different films – there is not a whole lot to add to the joy of simply diving in – so please… Read More