Blog: Marvel Studios Is Kicking DC’s Collective Ass

Now, this is a rare occasion for me… blogging just for the sake of blogging. Still, I would feel like I need to go on the record with this. The reason I want to share about this today is because I just watched the new trailer for Captain America: Cival War. As was expected, it’s looking really great!

Fact is, I have been a long-time fan of superheroes: and two of the greatest – ala Superman and Batman – have always risen to the top for me. As such, there is always a little piece of my heart that wants the DC Universe to kick ass with its productions. Christopher Nolan taking the helm of the Dark Knight certainly took it leaps and bounds into the right direction. Still, that was pretty much a self-contained entity with no cross-over into the rest of the DC Universe.

Marvel has been the comic magnate that has captured both the television and film markets with consistent, higher quality productions. Their Cinematic Universe has intentionally set about exploring the wider hero roster (it really didn’t take them long to branch out beyond X-Men). Comparatively, the DC Cinematic Universe is only just cracking open its roster beyond Superman and Batman. Even then, the two-horse show is still being trumpeted around with the anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

And so while I – along with millions of fans globally – lap up all that the MCCU has to offer us for now – I can’t wait for the DCCU to really kick things up several gears!

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