Video Blog: Shooting on an Old Lens (Mathieustern Production)

Ever wondered what might happen if you attached a really old-school lens onto your mirrorless camera? I have. Fun fact, Mathieu Stern (Mathieustern Production) has wondered about this too.

Releasing the first part of his new web-series on Monday, Stern – a French web video producer and photographer based in Paris – is focusing solely on what kind of “weird” lenses can be mounted on a mirrorless digital camera. The premise is simple and elegant: what visuals can come of such mismatched pairings?

In this first clip, Stern tests a 1910 folding camera lens on a Sony A7II: going through several steps, an Eastman Kodak Kodex / Topaz Boyer Paris f6.3 120mm is finally let loose upon the digital landscape! If you’re familiar with the properties of old lenses, you probably won’t be too surprised by the look of the final footage. Nevertheless, I still find the finished result nostalgically pleasing.

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