Blogging Funny: Drake Parody (SNL)

Alright, I don’t usually post these kinds of videos: but today I’m making an exception because it’s on point for me right now.

So, I have seen the Drake memes that have been hitting the net over the past little while – but I was never interested enough to find out where they originated from. Well, as I was channel surfing last night I finally found out: Channel 4 were playing the video for his song Hotline Bling (yeah I know, colour me slow… only 4-months behind the release!). My reaction? Zuh!? It has to be one of the worst music videos that I have seen in recent times. Honestly. I felt somewhat dumber having watched it.

So I was very happy to have some of my sanity restored this morning when I logged onto YouTube and saw that that the team at SNL had (rightfully!) done a parody of it. It might not bring you mental clarity – but it may bring you some joy on an otherwise thankless and uneventful Monday. Please enjoy responsibly.

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