Video Blog: Shooting on an Old Lens (Mathieustern Production)

Ever wondered what might happen if you attached a really old-school lens onto your mirrorless camera? I have. Fun fact, Mathieu Stern (Mathieustern Production) has wondered about this too. Releasing the first part of his new web-series on Monday, Stern – a French web video producer and photographer based in Paris – is focusing solely on what kind of… Read More

Showreel Item – All of The Lights Cover

There are people you work with – and then there are people you really enjoy working with! Reichardt is someone that I definitely enjoy working with. He is an amazingly talented guy: like, he is an über-musician, and is increasingly the, “go-to producer and instrumentalist for bands and artists [Australia] wide.”1 Over the last little while, I… Read More

Personal: A Snap Shot

In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, and the subsequent cognitive disruption many are experiencing in the Arabic-speaking North Africa and Middle Eastern (NAME) world as further atrocities are enacted in the name of the dominant religion in the region – it was personally encouraging as a Christian to find that there are organisations that… Read More