Blog Post: Dieppe from the Sky (COREDGE Prod)

So this last week I enjoyed some time off to visit a couple of friends who happen to be Air B’n’B‘ing in Dieppe in the north of France: and that gave me an idea for my first post back… are there any nicely composed videos out there that show off Dieppe? Thank the heavens for Vimeo,… Read More

Mashup: Elba as Bond in SPECTRE (Vulture Remix)

James Bond is a cinematic icon. And the fact is that for over 50-years now Bond has always been a suave, sophisticated, whiter-than-white, chauvinist Brit that gets to sleep with beautiful women and play with a lot of cool toys. Of course, this has not escaped the attention of, well, the world. Thus for the last… Read More

Video Montage: A Retrospect Of British Cinema (Rhys)

If you have ever marvelled at an epic masterpiece on the silver-screen, there is quite a reasonable chance that it was made by the grand lady of American cinema, Hollywood. For those who reside in the USA, however – it might surprise you to hear that, “As we enter the twenty-first century, the study of the previous century’s… Read More

Video Montage: Keeping The Distance (Between the Frames)

Last time I shared a video essay and an article that opened up on the whole idea of framing beyond the rule of thirds. Well today I want to continue in that vein with this great little piece by the Between the Frames channel over at Vimeo. As written in the description, “This video explores how… Read More

Video Montage: When Shadows Become Characters (Skorkin)

So today I was doing my usual perusal of Vimeo (come on now – you know that a key component of the twenty-first century creative process is random internet surfing, right?) when I stumbled on this fresh little piece. If you are involved in creative video or film of any sort, then you know a little… Read More

Video Essay: Directed By Christopher Nolan (Malko)

As I wrote recently, I have been reading William Goldman’s book, “Which Lie Did I Tell: More Adventures In The Screen Trade”… a consequence of the reading has been to dull the sheen of the apparent super-powers that directors like Christopher Nolan have always seemed to possess. With that being said – great directors are… Read More

Video Montage: Cinema in Cinema (Paredes)

Continuing my series of resource links, today I want to share a fun little video montage by Spanish videographer Eusebio Poveda Paredes – namely his homage to cinema in cinema. Featuring an amazing 139 clips from 93 different films – there is not a whole lot to add to the joy of simply diving in – so please… Read More

Video Montage: A Stock Homage to Directors

Continuing my series of resource links, today I want to share a video that is something of a lesson in styling. Now, you could ask almost any cinematographer in the world what they think of stock footage, and you most often find yourself on the end of a tirade against some element of the entire… Read More