Show Reel: Repurposing Existing Content (Sherlock Trailer)

One skill that is often sought after from a videographer in a commercial setting is the ability to re-purpose existing content. That was my intent with this re-cut ‘trailer’.

Being one to have a ‘bus-mans holiday’ – I thought it would fun to have a play around with something that was a purely creative work (compared to the more straight forward needs of the self-help modules). It hadn’t been long before that decision that I had revisited an old faux-trailer that portrayed the 90’s comedy hit Mrs Doubtfire as a horror film. Brilliant! So what if I was able to do a recut of the very first episode of BBC’s Sherlock in the same vein?

Having established a solid idea to work with, and only using Adobe Premiere CC, this ‘show-reel’ trailer was the final result. Given the limitations of working with fully produced content (in an ideal situation, one would have access to raw material. or at least, a music/FX free version), I was happy with the end result.

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