Tech News: The GH5… The New Face of Change?

Canon and Nikon have been the big boys in the consumer and semi-pro market for like, ever. Most people will kind of remember the moment when Canon released their game-changing Canon EOS 5D Mk II. Though apparently an afterthought by Canon – I don’t think that this is an overstatement: the video capabilities of the updated 5D shifted everything in the world of videography. Ev.’ry.thing.

That was in 2008 though. 4K video becoming something of an expectation in 2016. So, with the release of the 5D Mk IV earlier this year, Canon (despite the MkII and III being mainstays in many a videographers kit) still seemed to be taking the whole DSLR video thing as an afterthought. Though cynical, perhaps it was to be expected. After all, Canon already has  an extensive cinema and large sensor product line dedicated towards meeting the needs of pro-video and cinema users, right?

The thing is that while Canon has slept at the wheel since accidentally reinventing how we make videos, tech has continued to move on, advancements have continued, and new players have captured hearts and minds. The current king of the hill would have to be Sony, wooing videographers of all persuasions with the a7S and a7S II. But the proverbial apple cart looks set to be shaken once again, with Panasonic announcing the release of the GH5 in  2017.

The GH4 has been almost as popular as the Sony a7S – but there are a few little tricks that the latest model is bringing to the game that will arguably push them into first place in the race for mirrorless camera supremacy. For example, you will be able to shoot 10-bit, 60fps 4K footage. Yes!

We all need to watch this space as full specs and reviews begin to come in. Until then, perhaps you will let Panasonic begin wooing you with this heartwarming prologue.

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