Tech News: The GH5… The New Face of Change?

Canon and Nikon have been the big boys in the consumer and semi-pro market for like, ever. Most people will kind of remember the moment when Canon released their game-changing Canon EOS 5D Mk II. Though apparently an afterthought by Canon – I don’t think that this is an overstatement: the video capabilities of the… Read More

News: Kenyan Film Made on Mobile (BBC)

It is really easy to think that we need to have the latest and greatest kit to make movies and videos. And I mean really easy (#firstworldproblems). But I read a wonderful story today that was a timely reminder. While there are DJI Osmo‘s out there, or Lily, or the BMPCC – or whatever else takes your… Read More

Product Preview: Light L16 Camera

Many moons before I began playing in the world of videos, I was a fairly avid amateur photographer. As a kid my grandfather introduced me to the world of photography, and I was hooked. While it has felt like a natural transition from photography to videography, those humble origins still lead me to check out fantastic new… Read More

New Toy: The Phantom 3 is Coming!

Continuing my series of resource links, today I wanted to share the latest drool-inducing toy to come out of the DJI camp: the upgrade to their popular Phantom quad-copter, the Phantom 3! The Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter boasts a breath-taking array of new in-built features: and a 4K camera on a 3-axis gimbal that also… Read More

News: Blackmagic Design Show Off at NAB (13-mins)

Continuing with my new series of resource links – from video essays, to cinematographer interviews, how-to tips and the like – I needed to get this additional post out today as it was too good not to share immediately. Anyone involved – and/or interested – in video production will have already heard the news out of… Read More