Video: Why ‘Over the Rainbow’ Takes Us to a Magical, Musical Place (PBS)

Most of the material that I share has to do with the visual side of videography and cinematography, and that is mainly because it is where my own personal interest lies. With that being said – I read material and watch clips that branch out beyond those limitations quite frequently too, as there is so much interesting stuff to delve into when it comes to production.

So today I am going to take a bit of a diversion from my usual programming, and share a clip on music in film: specifically a PBS Newshour report that explores the Wizard of Oz classic Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Number one on the “Songs of the Century” list compiled by the Recording Industry Association of America – there is no doubt that it has an enduring legacy. But why? Well, the premise offered by composer Rob Kapilow is quite a clever analysis which I am sure you will enjoy.

“Words makes you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song make you feel a thought.” – Yip Harburg (paraphrased).

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