Video Essay: See What Happens When Scorsese Goes All Quiet

In our age of twenty-first century cinema, we’re awash with wondrous visual stories and their corresponding soundtracks (though this is no given! Check out our post on how music coming out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is actually all kind same-same in the sound department). It is because of a ubiquitous big-ness of many soundtracks that… Read More

Short Film: The Foley Artist (Feast Films)

If you are an amateur videographer, you may never have heard of Jack Foley. In our digital age, we seldom have to consider making sound effects for ourselves. This has not always been the case, however. In a time before you could download unlimited audio files off of the Internet – sound effects for radio… Read More

Video: Why ‘Over the Rainbow’ Takes Us to a Magical, Musical Place (PBS)

Most of the material that I share has to do with the visual side of videography and cinematography, and that is mainly because it is where my own personal interest lies. With that being said – I read material and watch clips that branch out beyond those limitations quite frequently too, as there is so… Read More