Making Of: Elastic Heart (Sia)

In my last post on Emma Stone dancing in the new Arcade Fire clip I touched on the controversy that surrounded Sia’s song Elastic Heart. Today, I’d love to briefly unpack that again by sharing the making of video.

I was quite excited by the pending release of the Elastic Heart music video back in January 2015. When I first saw the clip I was quite moved – so much so I immediately shared the clip with my wife, knowing that she would enjoy it too. Much like the incredible Chandelier you could tell that the video was a visual parable, portraying Sia’s internal warring with – and exorcising of – some dark times.

What really surprised me was the almost immediate and vitriolic response that the video received: bolstered by mainstream media crying wolf in the guise of sensationalist paedophilia claims, the Twitter-verse sheep all ran headlong in the same direction. One short example sums up the herd mentality: “Sia’s “Elastic Heart” video is disgusting…”

I won’t drill down into just how ridiculous that all was. if you would like to read an excellent article that does that, you can check it out here. No – my small part to play today is simply to remind you of the behind the scenes video… a short video that unpacks the concepts behind the work.

If you have never seen this before, and you happen to have any lingering doubts about whether Elastic Heart was truly a “Shia LaBeouf video paedophile controversy… after singer Sia features 12-year-old girl cavorting with semi-naked star.” – then you might just find this to be “… a completely cathartic thing being here.”

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