Concept Video: Moments (Haraldsson)

Continuing my series of resource links, today I want to share a fun concept clip that was commissioned by the Icelandic telecommunications company Síminn a couple of years ago.

If you have done any manner of research into equipment for video and film shoots, then you will know that there is an abundance of recommendations: you need to get this camera, or that type of lens, or this kind of bundled kit. And, of course, each one of those recommendation is the must have. Here is a little something that I have learnt: they are only a recommendation. In fact, unless you have specifically given the unique and particular needs of your shoot and have asked for specific assistance, it will not be an equipment gospel that you need to stick with (I know, I can hear the collective gasp of every blogging videographer from here… relax everyone, I’m not preaching heresy – just let me make my point before you stone me).

What we need to do is to take those recommendations, and then assess whether the suggestions offered meets the needs of our shoot. It is all about knowing which tools will actually best suit the job you are working on. That is the basis for today’s post (collective sigh of relief from videographer blogosphere).

So lets come back to the video: created by Harald Haraldsson, this concept clip (and I am including the BTS for your pleasure too) was shot entirely on a Samsung Galaxy S3. You read that correctly. And S3. While there is an incredible array of (technically, and visually) better recommendations for a professional video shoot – the tool that happened to be necessary for this particular job ended up being the comparatively simple smartphone.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the latest and greatest options. So take some time to consider what your shooting needs will be, and then go about finding out what equipment will best help your realise that visual dream. Sure, it might be something really nice like an Arri or a Red. But you know what – all it may take is a humble smartphone (or a DSLR, or a GoPro, or a BMDPCC) to actually get the job done.

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