Blog: Employing Symmetry (Part 2)

In part 1, we introduced the idea of engaging with symmetry. The reason for this guide? In the same way that we tend to love patterns, symmetry is like Nutella for our eyes. And if you don’t like Nutella, what’s wrong with you? Seriously… Nutella is great. And peanut butter. Yum. Nutella AND and peanut butter.… Read More

Blog: Employing Symmetry (Part 1)

If you have ever done research on how to get the right visual shot – whether painted, photographed, or captured in motion – then you probably know the ‘rules.’ This stuff isn’t new. But today I think it’s worth repeating. The elephant in the room is that, to misquote the rogue pirate Barbossa, “… the code is… Read More

Video Montage: The Turn Smile (Dissolve)

If you were to ask just about any serious cinematographer for their thoughts on stock footage, the general consensus would be one of derision. In a digital age where content creation is often more important than the complaints of said cinematographers though, using stock footage is a tool you might want to seriously consider. That advice is not without… Read More

Video Montage: The Breaking Bad Wide Shot (Luengo Ruiz)

One of the things that I enjoy about film and television is seeing how different directors and DP’s style their work. Even if we have never consciously considered the styling used – once it has been pointed out, we will generally have an “oh yeah!” moment. This phenomena is precisely why I enjoy the following clip by Spanish… Read More

Video Montage: Keeping The Distance (Between the Frames)

Last time I shared a video essay and an article that opened up on the whole idea of framing beyond the rule of thirds. Well today I want to continue in that vein with this great little piece by the Between the Frames channel over at Vimeo. As written in the description, “This video explores how… Read More

Article/Video Essay: Beyond the Rule of Thirds/The Quadrant

Whether you started out in photography, or you were dumped into the deep end of video and film – you will know of the rule of thirds (RoT). It’s one of those unstoppable forces that influence every aspect of both! Like many “rules” in avenues of artistic endeavour, the RoT is an excellent starting point – particularly… Read More

How To: Slate Like a Pro

Continuing my series of resource links, today I want to share an excellent how to by the Rocket Jump Film School team. That moment when your first slate arrives can be pretty exciting. Suddenly you feel a little more professional, you know (well I did). But I had no idea whether there were some common practices… Read More

Concept Video: Moments (Haraldsson)

Continuing my series of resource links, today I want to share a fun concept clip that was commissioned by the Icelandic telecommunications company Síminn a couple of years ago. If you have done any manner of research into equipment for video and film shoots, then you will know that there is an abundance of recommendations: you… Read More

Video Article: Understanding Jump Cuts

Continuing my series of resource links, today I want to share a video I stumbled on a little while ago. Coming from Vimeo’s Riley Hooper, it offers a pretty concise explanation of the technique known as a jump cut. Even if you have never heard the term before, I can guarantee that you all know what… Read More