How To: 20 Premiere Tips in 20 Minutes (Jeff Greenberg)

Continuing with my new series of resource links – from video essays, to cinematographer interviews, how-to tips and the like – today I want share an informative how-to video clip presented by Jeff Greenberg on behalf of Future Media Concepts – and as the title suggests, today’s how-to is for the proud Adobe Premiere Pro users.

I understand that many of us will know these tips and tricks – nevertheless you might be surprised to find one or two gems that may have forgotten about. Or better yet, you will learn something altogether new – such as having the capacity to adjust the gain on an entire bin of music. That was news to me!

I will warn you though: while the content is definitely informative, the presentation of the how-to is somewhat dry. If you can handle that – then jump on in to some of this Premiere Pro trickery with the rest of us!

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