TBT: “In a World…” (Comedian Trailer)

So today is Thursday, and doing a #TBT is the thing to do (thanks Instagram!) – ergo, I want to throwback to one of my all-time favourite ‘movie’ trailers.

In Hollywood there needs to be buzz created prior to the release of a production. Simply put, that is the job of the movie trailer: generate interest so people will go see it. Given the machinations of Hollywood trailers then, I would wager that you would recognise the dulcet tones of Hal Douglas. Why? Because Douglas, along with Don LaFontaine and a handful of others, were the million-dollar voices behind almost all of the big buzz trailers of the past few decades.

So, when the producers of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedian wanted to create buzz, they did something quite brilliant. They approached Douglas, asking him to use his skills to satirise the entire trailer framework. And what I love the most about it all is the fact that the Dean of the East Coast Trailer narrators actually agreed to do it. Subsequently we have what is arguably one of the funniest self-deprecating pieces around. A piece that still makes me smile. I hope you enjoy.

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