Video Montage: “You Just Don’t Get It, Do You?” (Jeff Smith)

Continuing with my new series of resource links – from video essays, to cinematographer interviews, how-to tips and the like – today I want to share a fairly comprehensive video montage compiled by independent filmmaker Jeff Smith while he worked under the former film blog FilmDrunk (now an integrated part of the Uproxx machine).

We have all endured the time-wasting ravages of poor film-making. Genre, acting, writing, editing, CGI… the lists that have been made to scorn the worst films are in abundance! And really, this montage is tipping it’s hat to this time honoured tradition of naming and shaming. Where it differs is in the manner with which it dispenses the shame. Rather than stick to the script of a “top ten” or “25-worst” list – this fun little montage rather cleverly shames one of Hollywood’s cheesiest go-to lines: “You Just Don’t Get It, Do You?” (and variations thereof). Packed with 102(!) examples of this writing cliché at its dreadful best – regardless of film (blockbuster, cult-hit, international film, or whatever) – I hope you can have a bit of a laugh at this throw back clip from 2011!

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