Short Film: “Hiding Place” – Phillip Bloom

Continuing with my new series of resource links – from video essays, to cinematographer interviews, how-to tips and the like – today I want to share with you a short film that was quite secretly recorded by DP, director, film-maker, and all-round cinematographer – Philip Bloom.

This video grabbed my attention as Bloom was able to create quite a beautiful short piece on the London Eye by using the comparatively discreet BMD Pocket Cinema Camera. He says of the endeavour, “The London Eye is ridiculously strict about what you use camera wise in the capsules. Multiple lenses, tripods, video camera are a big fat no…”

So why did that strike me as being note-worthy? Well, it reminded me of correspondence that I had with an Australian ABC News camera operator a few years back while I was media manager and producer at NSCC. He wrote, “Practice, practice, practice! The main difference between professionals and amateurs in this field is no longer good or bad equipment, but the skill level of the team… [We] were never satisfied with our level of skill. We were always looking for continual improvement. And this simple principal applies to every area of video production: editing, camera, sound, lighting, scripting, presenting…

For me, this clip reinforced that point. Even though Bloom was only able to use a BMDPCC (compared to his standard film-making fare), the final result is still stunning. His skill-set was able to take some humble equipment, and massage a create a wonderful video. As such – my hope is that it encourages you as mush as it has encouraged me. Let us keep going, let us keep practising, and let us keep getting better – regardless of the equipment we can get our hands on!

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