Show Reel Item – Halo Cover

I said it before – Reichardt is someone that I definitely enjoy working with. He is an amazingly talented guy: he is an über-musician, and is increasingly the, “go-to producer and instrumentalist for bands and artists [Australia] wide.”1

As noted in my last post, I produced 4 music videos for Reichardt. It was a thrill to see him release two of those videos last month – and the thrill has not diminished with yet another release yesterday. This has been sitting in my ‘private’ Vimeo account for a little while now – so I am finally happy to post the clip as a show-reel item today. I hope you enjoy it: both the clip, and Reichardt’s cover of Beyoncé’s Halo. 🙂

Halo (Jon Reichardt Cover) from Shane Miller on Vimeo.

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