Media Missions

I understand that there are plenty of people who do not subscribe to a ‘religious’ faith of any sort, and I can certainly understand why people make such decisions. I am not one of those people though. I have had a solid Christian faith for 16 years now. But why is that important to mention as a part of the Waiting2BScene blog? It is important for me, as I have found a number of media opportunities arising through Christian (non-church) ministry groups over the last few months.

Just a little while ago I happened into the role of sole videographer for the Sydney shoot of an up-and-coming Bible Society Australia youth initiative. Then just four weeks ago I left for Rwanda with the Hope: Global (formerly Hope: Rwanda) Early Childhood and English education team to be the team’s photographer and videographer. Having arrived back in Australia just two weeks ago, I have already had some of my time seconded out to do some video work for the up-and-coming Chaplaincy Australia national conference. And then on top of that, this week I was asked by an acquaintance of mine who lives over in India if I would be able to give him some tips on video production for his own TV presentation back home!

As a Christian, then, I acknowledge such ‘suddenly’ moments with a kind of wonder, as it is clear to me that God has got something quite different in store for this coming season. And as the namesake of my business concept suggests – God has some manner of missions media stuffs that are just waiting to be seen: and I am just a little excited about the potential impact which may come through this kind of God-work.

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