FF: How To Highlight 2016’s Best, In Just Over 1-Minute

Welcome to the Flick Friday – a series that will motivate you, supercharging your creativity as we delve into cinematography and videography together. Today, we’re sharing a post by a relatively new video channel to both YouTube and Vimeo, called the Art of the Film. They have developed a series of videos released today, we are treated to… Read More

Blog: Dissolve – Expand and Narrow At the Same Time

When Dissolve hit the market, I – along with many other online content creators – was excited by the potential of having access to high quality stock footage that wasn’t the run of the mill stuff we’ve seen hiding out in every other stock site out there. It was fresh material, and prices began at a… Read More

Blog: You’re Missing the Point

Today I wanted to hit pause on my resource posts so that I could indulge in some genuine blogging. Yep, I’m spouting forth my own thoughts and ideas on this one! So, I saw a Facebook friend share the following video earlier this week. Given that it garnered 3-million views in its first week (and… Read More