Blog: Why The Simpsons Continues to Work

Love them or hate them, it cannot be denied that The Simpsons have been an animated mainstay for a little over a generation. But why is it so? It has been written that, “a pictured parody of controversial issues of a society is the most effective approach that target various dilemmas within a society without offending… Read More

Blog: Dissolve – Expand and Narrow At the Same Time

When Dissolve hit the market, I – along with many other online content creators – was excited by the potential of having access to high quality stock footage that wasn’t the run of the mill stuff we’ve seen hiding out in every other stock site out there. It was fresh material, and prices began at a… Read More

How To: Slate Like a Pro

Continuing my series of resource links, today I want to share an excellent how to by the Rocket Jump Film School team. That moment when your first slate arrives can be pretty exciting. Suddenly you feel a little more professional, you know (well I did). But I had no idea whether there were some common practices… Read More