HIMM: How to Get Smooth Footage

How It’s Made Monday is meant to inspire you with some of the secrets of videocraft: and today, we’re sharing a great little tip on how to get smooth footage. In short – by yourself a gimbal! The 3-axis gimbal market has been exploding all over the place for the last little while: and there have… Read More

Review: Smartphone Stabilisation

Even though there are lots of stabilising options out there, today I wanted to share a recent clip by the FilmRiot team who have reviewed the US$379 iKan Fly-X3 Plus 3-axis brushless motor gyro stabilising system. Specifically for use with smartphones, it doesn’t look too bad. Even though it is probably a little on the expensive side, this… Read More

Blog: “Which Lie Did I Tell: More Adventures In The Screen Trade”

As a young 80’s child my grandparents bought me the Little Golden Book Record Read-Along Collection (which featured 20 stories with a corresponding 33.5 rpm vinyl for each story). It sparked a lifelong joy in stories – and to this day I still love to grab a good book and wile away the hours reading. Having been on holidays for… Read More