Video Essay: What’s in the Box? (CineFix)

** Spoiler alerts a head… though if you haven’t already seen this after twenty years, shame on you. ** It was one of the most numbing thrillers of the mid-90’s… And if you didn’t immediately think of Se7en after reading that sentence, then you really missed out on something special! After a fairly tried-and-true series of murder-somethings throughout… Read More

Blog/Video: Thriller Horror on a Budget (Simon Berry)

If there is anything that a film such as Paranormal Activity can demonstrate, it is that a creative idea doesn’t actually need an extravagant budget in order to be brought to life. I would argue that is especially true when it comes to the thriller/horror genre. And I will share a video that demonstrates that quite… Read More

Video Essay: Rear Window (Michael McLennan)

Continuing my series of resource links, today I want to share a short clip that was pieced together by one of my friends, Michael McLennan. Michael also happens to be a long-time cinephile who has worked as producer, director of photography, editor, sound designer, music editor, and has also taught across a variety of film… Read More